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Add Library

Ensure that you have mavenCentral listed in your project's buildscript repositories section:

buildscript {
repositories {

Add the following to your app's build.gradle file:

implementation 'com.authsignal:authsignal-android:0.1.7'


import com.authsignal.push.*

val authsignal = AuthsignalPush("YOUR_TENANT_ID", "YOUR_REGION_BASE_URL")

You can find your client or tenant ID in the Authsignal Portal.

You must specify the correct base URL for your tenant's region.

RegionBase URL
US (Oregon)
AU (Sydney)
EU (Dublin)

Push auth

Getting an access token

Before a device credential can be added, an access token should be requested server-side. This access token can then be passed to the iOS SDK to authorise adding a new device credential for the authenticated user.

For more info on how to request an access token see our server documentation.

Adding a device credential


Removing a device credential


Getting a challenge

val challengeId = authsignal.getChallenge()

Updating a challenge

val approved: Boolean = true // true if the user has approved the challenge

authsignal.updateChallenge(challengeId, approved)