Endpoint: https://api.authsignal.com

The Authsignal Server API can be used to lookup users and track actions to initiate challenges.



The Authsignal Server API uses your secret key to authenticate requests. You should only ever call the Authsignal Server API from your server where your secret key can be stored securely. Your secret key should never be exposed to any public client.

You can find your secret key in the API Keys section of the Authsignal Portal settings page.

curl -u "YOUR_SECRET_KEY:" https://api.authsignal.com

Region selection

Authsignal’s server SDKs defaults to the US (Oregon) region. If your tenant is in a different region, a different base URL must be configured.

RegionBase URL
US (Oregon)https://api.authsignal.com/v1
AU (Sydney)https://au.api.authsignal.com/v1
EU (Dublin)https://eu.api.authsignal.com/v1