Endpoint: https://api.authsignal.com/v1/management

The Authsignal Management API can be used to configure Authsignal tenant’s, including action configurations and rules.


The Authsignal Management API uses a secret key to authenticate requests. This key is different from the one you use to authenticate to the Server API. Please keep this key secure, and never expose it publicly.

You can find your secret key in the API Keys section of the Authsignal Portal settings page.

curl -u "YOUR_SECRET_KEY:" https://api.authsignal.com/v1/management/tenant

Region selection

Authsignal’s Management API is available in 3 different regions which have 3 corresponding URLs. You will need to use the URL for the region that your tenant is located in.

RegionBase URL
US (Oregon)https://api.authsignal.com/v1/management
AU (Sydney)https://au.api.authsignal.com/v1/management
EU (Dublin)https://eu.api.authsignal.com/v1/management